Balinese Cow Bone Necklace Desired Foreign Tourists

balinese cow bone necklace

balinese cow bone necklace

The Balinese cow bone necklace is one of the necklaces favored by women from all over the world, especially if the necklace is made in Bali. Bali is famous for having a high artistic taste with very thick cultural elements. Buyers seem to be in heaven if in Bali, not only because of its beautiful nature but also because of its convenient shopping and many high-quality choices. There are a few tips that will make the shopping experience smoother especially for foreign tourists.


Tips for Shopping Balinese Cow Bone Necklace

  1. Cash and Credit Cards

First of all, credit cards are generally accepted but cash purchases are the norm in places that you can bargain and in small shops along the road in the shopping center in Bali. Larger stores that accept will often expect you to pay a processing fee of 2.5% to 3%. This is because this is a fee charged by the credit card company to the vendor to process payments. If you don’t want to pay this additional percentage, don’t forget to always carry cash.


  1. Always Check the Quality

Be sure to always check the quality of necklace or the product you are buying. If you are not sure how to find out if the items you are buying is good quality or not, ask local residents or other tourists. Some locals do the tricks that allow low-quality goods to be considered as high quality. They like to talk about this. This also applies to prices, which can vary greatly. Ask the same question to different people to feel what the right price is.


  1. Bargaining

Another point to remember is that when it comes to places that can bargain, it is best to be friendly. Bargain but don’t be angry or pushy, and don’t make insulting jokes. You might end up arguing. Remember that prices in some tourist areas maybe double or triple than the normal rate, so start from low and wait for the seller to go down to the price that you want.


If that doesn’t work, leave the store. If the seller really wants to make a deal, he might give you a low-end price, and if not, there are more stores to see. Finally, if a store has a price tag and the seller informs you that there is no bargaining, even after several attempts, it is best not to bargain. Follow these simple tips and dive into the shopping paradise on the island of Bali.


Visa information for tourists who want to shop for Balinese Cow Bone Necklace

Although visa requirements for Indonesia have become much easier, there is a lot of confusion out there. We want to help you clarify the most important facts if you want to travel to Bali and Indonesia.

Visa regulations are based on your passport/citizenship. More than 160 countries do not need a Visa and are granted free entry permits for 30 days.

Free entry stamps cannot be extended in Indonesia

Passports must always be valid for 12 months (for 18-month social visas) from the day of arrival. There are no exceptions.

Provide several blank passport pages for visa stickers

Arrival day is considered as the first day, departure day is considered a full day.

The penalty fee for a stay exceeds IDR 1,000,000 per day

Don’t bring more than Rp. 100 million in cash (around AUD 10,000)

If you need a sponsor letter, KITAS, Visa extension, etc. do it with a trustworthy agent

If you only want to visit as a tourist for less than 30 days, then residents in more than 160 countries need not worry. For more information, see the complete information at


Similarly, information about shopping tips in Bali includes buying a cow bone necklace and also some facts that need to be known by foreign tourists who want to visit Indonesia are clearly explained above.