How to Take Care the Horn Jewelry and Pearl Jewelry

Care the Horn Jewelry
How to take care horn jewelry , as well as necklaces made of pearls, need to be known. How to treat a horn necklace is more practical than caring for a pearl necklace. This time we will tell you how to care if your necklace is made of pearls.

Pearl jewelry collections, especially authentic pearl jewelry, both sea, and freshwater pearls need to get high attention in caring. This jewelry includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and various jewelry accessories for women.

How to Take Care the Horn Jewelry and Pearl Jewelry

There is special happiness if a woman has a horn necklace. But women also want to have a pearl necklace to complete their happiness. In some countries, especially in parts of Europe, awareness of the environment has been very high, so using a necklace made from environmentally friendly materials such as horns is commonplace and the trend tends to increase.

Pearl Jewelry , for women in Europe also has a special meaning. Pearls are believed to have an element of chastity, sacred value & a symbol of beauty. They believe that the pearl occurred because of the tears from the angel who cried. Teardrops finally fall to the earth, precisely in the ocean than with time, the teardrops petrified into pearl gems.

Indeed there are many legendary stories about the uniqueness of the original pearl, in every country in the world certainly has a unique story, also a legendary myth that is believed to be hereditary.

In addition, there are also historical stories that tell the origin of these pearls. One of these historical stories said that the late Queen Elizabeth had a fondness for collecting seawater pearl necklaces. It is said that in one of the queen collections people need collecting items per grain to become whole one beautiful strand of the necklace and takes many years.

Even in the process of gathering pearls, some of the pearl-seeking divers die from running out of oxygen during diving on the seabed. If you think about this, it makes sense because at the time the pearl shell cultivation technology was still not found and there was no technology to support it.

The high value of the history of pearls, therefore, the pearl lovers and collectors need to routinely maintain the beauty of the pearl jewelry they collect. There are various kinds of treatments that need to be done so the beauty of the pearl is maintained.

How to Take Care Horn Jewelry and Pearl Jewelry

Regular maintenance that needs to be known both for horn and pearl jewelry:

It is necessary to maintain the luster and the beauty of pearl jewelry from exposure to chemicals and the like. Examples of chemicals that will damage the beauty of pearls are spray-shaped perfume, metal-shiny liquid and other chemicals that are identical to acids.

If you want to dress up especially if it contains chemicals, jewelry should not be used or released first. Examples that are made from chemicals are hair spray and hair oil. Try to keep pearl jewelry away from the contact of these chemicals. This is because pearl jewelry is an object that has an organic element of calcium carbonate and is certainly very susceptible to contamination with chemicals.

Horn necklaces are made from natural materials, namely from the horns of cattle and buffaloes so that the way how to take care the horn jewelry is the same, which needs to be shunned from chemicals like jewelry made of pearls.