Selling original Hermes horn necklace and the philosophies

Hermes horn necklace
The official boutique that sells the original Hermes horn necklace is highly sought after by socialite women because of its high quality even though the price besides height is also very difficult to obtain.

The Hermès brand philosophy that needs to be known by Hermès lovers
The Hermès brand philosophy can be summarized by quoting a single sentence from former CEO Jean-Louis Dumas, namely “We don’t have an image policy, we have a product policy”.

Selling original and the quality Hermes horn necklace

The brand philosophy is deeply embedded in the minds of consumers, namely, they attach importance to “quality” and are located at the point of “improvement”. These are principles that are very important in the minds of consumers that the Hermès brand always avoids mass production, manufacturing lines, and outsourcing.

According to Hermès, every product that comes out with their brand name must reflect the hard work done by craftsmen. Not factory-made which prioritizes volume and quality not too much attention.

According to the current CEO, Axel Dumas, the main strength of the Hermès brand is the love of its buyers for the expertise of the makers of their products. This was further underlined and reiterated by Creative Director Pierre-Alexis Dumas.

Dumas thinks that Hermes objects are desirable because they reconnect people with their humanity. Their customers feel the presence of the person who made the object, while at the same time the object brings it back to its own sensitivity because it can give him pleasure through their senses.

The most important aspect for Hermes is that these principles remain embedded in the minds of consumers and remain firm in the evolution of the company in its history of nearly 181 years. Although almost touching two centuries, but the aspect of craftsmanship or hard work from the makers still must be embedded and become an aura in the company and its brand.

Ownership, management, and leadership of the company have passed several generations in the Hermès family, but the principles of the Hermès brand have never been timeless and have never been replaced. Quality is a characteristic that has remained echoed until now.

All Hermès products are made almost entirely in France at work or Ateliers Hermès, and there has never been any intention to move all workplaces outside of France. There are some products that have to be made outside such as accessories, but finishing or finishing like packing should still be done in Paris, France.

This is what places a strong emphasis on quality because everything is centered in one place at the last quality control. Also,

Hermès claims, in line with comments from the CEO and Creative Director, that each product is fully produced by only one craftsman, indicating the quality of the expertise and uniqueness of the product.

The best material and materials are also sought from the best material producing countries. For example, the silk scarf is only made of silk necklace produced by Hermes farms in Brazil.

Hermes was never interested in looking for cheaper materials elsewhere, for the prices were not an influencing factor. They attach importance to the quality and source of what is drawn from all over the world.

The driving force behind the platform of quality and uniqueness is Hermes’ strong desire as a company that always prioritizes exclusivity and not mass products. Aura of important exclusivity for the company because the company does not intend to describe its brands and products as a mass-market luxury or even premium luxury.

Selling original Hermes horn necklace and luxury ultra-premium products

The philosophy and goal are always to remain “luxurious ultra-premium”, which can only be given to a small number of people and is not easily available. Having money does not mean you can feel the luxury right away, you have to wait and even if you are lucky, you can get the item you want. If not, you have to bite your fingers or have to be flexible with the available models or colors.

It was said that everyone at Hermes was responsible for marketing within the company for all products including the original Hermes horn necklace selling products.