Natural Horn Jewelry as a Gift Sign To Show Your Love

Natural Horn Jewelry (6)
Natural horn jewelry is one gift that can be given to people we love. As we know in every relationship there are stages in building relationships. On Valentine’s Day, you want to give a gift in the form of jewelry and not just any jewelry. The most appropriate thing is to buy jewelry, either in the form of necklaces, rings or earrings.

If you get a ring, will it seem too serious? Does your partner want to propose? If a necklace is given, does the necklace have personal meaning? Or how about the bracelet? No need to worry, all jewelry can give sentimental meaning depending on the shape and type you give.

There is jewelry that is perfect for each stage of your relationship, and lucky for you because many pieces of jewelry are suitable for someone who is special for you on Valentine’s Day.

In addition, even on other special moments or on the day without waiting for a special moment. You do not need to spend time at the mall confused about giving gifts, because jewelry is now easier to get even by buying it online too.

But there are questions that are still troubling, which jewelry is appropriate to give at which stage of the relationship? Does it sound more like a trick question? It is true that men usually only give women’s jewelry if they really like women. The question is what type of jewelry should you get for your loved one?

Natural Horn Jewelry is a way to Say that You Care

1. The First State of relationship
Usually on the first state is to give a bracelet. This is a type of jewelry does not require in-depth knowledge of the size of the ring or thinking about whether she has ear piercing or not if you want to give an earring.

Also, unconsciously where jewelry is in a girl’s body is a symbol of a boyfriend’s care. So a necklace is a more intimate way than a bracelet. A bracelet is the first good jewelry gift that does not bring too much hope because it is still a level of approach and introduction to each other.

2. Initial stage
Earrings are usually a pretty good choice. Earrings are usually easier for the giver and recipient. A pair of earrings with small studs is usually the standard model in a woman’s jewelry box. Even if the woman does not usually wear a simple stud, she can still wear it without too much influence on her style.

He can always find opportunities where he finally needs a pair of simple earrings to wear. If you don’t know what your girl likes, keep using something in the form of metal or a simple set of gemstones, of course, with the color she likes and doesn’t use anything too specific like pearls.

Natural Horn Jewelry as a Gift Sign To Show Your Love
The stage that You are Starting to get serious
If the man loves his girl but doesn’t want to commit to the word, what should he give? Now it’s time to get the necklace. You can give one that will complement your girlfriend’s style.

An understanding of what he loves makes the necklace a good gift, not how much you spend. But if you know nothing about fashion, choose a precious gemstone necklace or horn necklace because it also gives attention to meaning.

The Stage that he is yours
It’s time for the ring, take her ring from the jewelry box and bring it to the natural horn jewelry shop to find out the size of her finger. If this is not possible, try using a thin sheet of paper to measure the inside of the ring, enter the length using the converter to see its size.

Note that finger size is different. To be safe, select the middle finger. In winter if her fingers shrink in cold temperatures, she can move it to her ring finger and still be able to use it easily.

If this is your first ring for her, and you don’t plan to propose in the near future, stay away from rings with diamonds or white crystals and gemstones.

Thus the tips on giving natural horn jewelry and other types of jewelry as gifts.