The Best Place to Get Organic Artisan Butter Jakarta

Organic Artisan Butter Jakarta

The definition of butter is a milk derivative product made from the fat and protein parts of milk or cream, in the form of a semisolid at room temperature which is a water-in-oil emulsion (more oil components). Butter is obtained from the process of churning milk. So many people want to know where to buy organic artisan butter Jakarta or Surabaya, Bali or other big cities, so the best place to buy it is at De Grunteman which is premium butter in Indonesia that uses traditional recipes.

The process of stirring milk or cream with a churner or butter churn or other mixer is called the churning process. Mixing attempts to condense milk fat by utilizing milk protein as a water solvent with fat (emulsifier) so that lumps of fat are produced.

Why do many people use margarine rather than butter?

First, the price comparison of organic artisan butter Jakarta and margarine is much different. Price of butter per 250 g = IDR 80,000 to IDR 95,000 for Wijsman butter and De Grunteman for Dutch Cultured Butter. The difference between butter and cultured butter is that cultured butter is made by prior fermentation. The price of Margarine 250 g = IDR 10.000 for the blueband brand and even for other brands it is cheaper than that price. Second, people are in the habit of making pastries from margarine, but if you want it to be softer, use butter or shortening. So if minimal butter, taste and softness will be very different and very dry.

Third, they know that butter is a blue band. Not Wijsman or De Grunteman.

Various types of butter apart from salted, unsalted and cultured butter are:

Assorted Butter and Information for Organic Artisan Butter Jakarta

  1. Goat Butter

Goat’s butter is a great gourmet butter alternative to everyday cow’s milk butter. Goat butter made from 100% goat’s milk, is almost pure white in color because any yellow beta-carotene present in goat’s milk is converted into Vitamin A. Unlike cow’s milk butter, goat’s butter does not contain casein, an ingredient that often triggers allergies in intolerant individuals lactose.

The taste of goat butter is sweet and tangy and the texture is smooth and creamy. Goat butter has the same consistency and texture as cow’s milk butter, but melts at a slightly lower temperature, making it an excellent spread. Goat’s butter is ideal for cooking, and it can be spread on toast, added to eggs, or used in any way you would use cow’s milk butter. Goat’s butter, available from St. Helen in England and Sevre et Belle in France, this is a unique difference from everyday cow’s milk butter. Goat butter is just like regular butter but made from goat’s milk, not cow’s milk. Goat’s milk is known to be lactose-intolerant-friendly and has a deeper taste that takes cooking to new heights and builds flavor in recipes.

Goat butter color: Cream

Goat butter flavour: Slightly tangy and nutty with an overall bright and subtle flavour

Uses of goat’s butter: Spread on organic artisan butter Jakarta breads, vegetable sauces and butter-based cakes.

  1. Smen butter

The cured butter comes from Morocco

How did smen appear? This butter is very salty, stored in an airtight jar and allowed to ferment. If you are new to North African cooking, it may take some getting used to, with its pungent, rancid smell, much like that of very long-fermented cheese. In fact, an old Moroccan custom was to bury a sealed jar of cement at the birth of one’s daughter, and dig it up on the daughter’s wedding day, to flavor the food cooked for the guests. How awesome is that? Decades of fermentation.

You’ll find smen used in all manner of dishes in Morocco and other Maghreb regions; in couscous recipes, tagines, and even as a spread. Given a strong constitution, a little goes a long way. If you visit Fez in Morocco a few times and in Medina, you will find Qaat Smen, or Smen Square, where cement was produced centuries ago. You’ll find all kinds of butter here, and it’s much better than the mass-produced ones you find in the big shops. There are some very old tubs in here and surprisingly, smells and tastes better than the slightly younger versions. They are softer and tastier.

One of the favorites is smen made with khlie, a type of cured Moroccan meat. Basically, cured butter is made with cured meats, and results in a great end product.

How to Make Smen at Home

One is unsalted butter fermenting, which is the me tode that you can use right now. Another way is to clarify the butter first, then ferment it. Clarifying is the same method used when making ghee and niter kibbeh, clarified butter from Ethiopian spices. If you like trying “smelly” Moroccan butter, here’s an easy recipe. Here is the simplest version. You can also add spice to smen by brewing about a quarter cup of strong oregano or mint tea and kneading the tea into the butter. You can also add some chili flakes to the mix.

Smen Recipes and Information for Buying Organic Artisan Butter Jakarta


500 g unsalted butter

1 tsp coarse salt


60 ml of strong Oregano tea

Additional materials that you can use

Chili flakes

Ground pepper

Other herbs such as marjoram, rue

Edible rose petals, ground

Ways of making:

Mix salt thoroughly with butter. If using tea oregano, add that too, and stir in the butter until just combined.

Ladle into clean jars and pack, pressing down to remove any air pockets.

Cover tightly and store in a cool place for a month to let it ferment. It will be ready after a month. Once opened, store in the refrigerator and use within a month.

Smen is a fermented Moroccan butter that has been made and used in Middle Eastern and some North African cuisines for centuries. Before refrigeration, butter needed a way to preserve it, so large amounts of salt were added to melted and skimmed butter, kneaded together, and stored in airtight containers. Traditionally, cement is buried in the ground to maintain proper temperature stability. This fermentation process produces a strong, savory, and cheesy taste and aroma that is highly desired in cooking.

Smen butter color: Soft yellow

Smen butter flavour: Strong, savory and cheesy flavour

Smen butter uses: Spread on crackers or toast, make tagine or couscous, or blend into coffee.

Thus information about types of butter and why you need to know where to sell organic artisan butter Jakarta, Surabaya, Tangerang and other big cities? One of the butter among the premium one is De Grunteman Butter which is in Jakarta